Of Friendship

is for all the nice things you do for me.
is for being there for me.
is for coming to my rescue.
is never deserting me.
is for your eagerness to please.
is for being quick to forgive.
is for your generosity.
is for extending a helping hand.
is for your interest in me.
is for not judging my every move.
is for your kindness toward me.
is for the love you have shown me.
is for the many laughs we share.
is for never gossiping about me.
is for your openness
is for always playing fair
is for the quiet times we share.
is for the respect we have for each other.
is for all the smiles you bring .
is because you touch my heart.
is for how well you understand me.
is because you are a vital part of my life.
is for knowing when to speak and when not to.
is for all the extra nice things you do.
is for giving of yourself.
is for the zip you add to my life.