This is a page that you can send to all of your friends!

Let this page fly across the whole world!

Isn't it sweet?


F is for the funny things you say that make me smile.
R is for the radiant way you light up my life.
I is for the intelligence that you have shown you possess.
E is for the excellence you strive for each and every day.
N is for the nice things you say and do.
D is for the daring things that you say once in awhile.
S is for the way you selfishnessly give of yourself.
H is for your helping way I know I can count on.
I is for the interesting things you share with me.
P is for the passion you have for life.

All of these letters represent a quality that I believe you possess...

Dear Friend,

You are my friend and I hope you know that's true.
No matter what happens I will stand by you.
I will be there for you whenever you need.
To lend you a hand to do a good deed.
So just call on me when you need me my friend.
I will always be there even to the end.

a friend.....

Accepts you as you are~
Believes in you always~
Calls you just to say "hello"~
Doesn't give up on you ever~
Envisions the whole of you~
Forgives your mistakes~
Gives unconditionally~
Helps you when you need it~
Is always there for you~
Just likes being with you~
Keeps you close at heart~
Loves you for who you are~
Makes a difference in your heart~
Never judges you~
Offers support~
Picks you up when you are down~
Quiets your fears~
Says nice things about you~
Tells you what you need to hear~
Understands you~
Values you~
Walks beside you~
X-plains things you don't understand~
Yells when you won't listen~
Zaps you back to reality~

My Cyber Friend

I haven't ever seen you,
But I know you are really there;
I click you into reality
Like magic from the air.
Your voice is like an angel,
Though I really do not hear;
Your hug as warm as any
Of loved ones I hold dear.
You’re always there for comfort,
Or a word of cheer;
Though you are very far away,
I always have you near.
You are a very special friend,
Like none I never ever known;
As long as you are in cyberspace
I'm never be alone.

You are a friend...

You are my friend and I hope you know that's true.
No matter what happens I will stand by you.
I'll be there for you whenever you need.
To lend you a hand to do a good deed.
So just call on me when you need me my friend.
I will always be there even to the end.

a box of gold ,
With a secret inside
that has never been told .

The box is priceless
but as I see ,
The treasure in-side
is far more precious to me .

Today I share
this treasure with thee ,
It's the treasure of friendship
You've given to me !

Don't know how it happens or when it will begin
We leave the window open and someone comes in
You enter a world of fantasy go places you've never been
Spending more and more time enjoying your new friend
You're glad that window was open
You're glad that they came in
Like the window you open your heart
Letting them enter and start taking a part
Making you laugh giving you a smile
Taking your reality into fantasy if just for a while
I'm glad my window was open
I'm glad you stepped in
But most of all
I'm glad your my friend

Some people just don't understand
how you can have friends in a far away land
Some may come from France, California, Pennsylvania or Spain
But no matter where they are from, the friendship remains.

Some are close and even from your home state
Some are on earlier, others are on late
An internet friend listens, suggests, and may complain
But no matter where they are from, the friendship remains

Some internet friends have never met, and others met just once
Some have joined one another for dinners, others have for lunch
You are my internet friend, We have a wonderful time
Of the friends on the internet, I'm glad your mine
Please stay in touch, Our conversational chats are divine
I am glad I am your friend and also that you are mine.

Friendships are like roller coaster rides,
They have ups and downs just like the tides.
So many things can go right or wrong,
And yet a friendship can last really long.
Some friendships last for your whole life,
While others end with a stab of a knife.
No matter which way a friendship ends,
It's what you take out of it that depends.
I have had many true friends through the years,
They've come and gone with its share of tears.
But I have been blessed to no end,
Because I have had at least one true friend.

I cannot ease your aching heart,
Nor take your pain away,
But let me stay and take your hand
And walk with you today.

I'll listen when you need to talk,
I'll wipe away your tears,
I'll share your worries when they come,
I'll help you face your fears.
I'm here and I will stand by you,
Each hill you have to climb.
So take my hand, let's face the world ~
Live one day at a time.
You're not alone, for I'm still here...
I'll go that extra mile.
And when your grief is easier,
I'll help you learn to smile!

I had some free time, so what did I do?
I checked the computer to see if I'd heard from you.
I used to walk out to a box to retrieve mail
But I'd rather get it instantly than wait on the snail...

Checking my email is always fun
I usually get a joke or greeting from someone.
I feel so connected because on the other end
I know I've discovered a newfound friend.

When I've had a hard day and need to share
Here I can find a friend who will listen and care.
And to this friend I hope I let know
That I am always there for them also.

Isn't it a strange kind of bond we form?
It isn't exactly like the "norm"
But where is it written, face to face we have to be
For you to be a very good friend to me?

That little joke, or note, or even just a simple "Hi"
Could be like a ray of sunshine from the sky.
So my online-pals , this is dedicated to you
For all the smiles you have made anew

May our friendship continue to grow
and the warmth we feel continue to flow.

Do not cry my friend
It breaks my heart to see
The tears that shimmer on your face
Were never meant to be.

Know that I am here
If you should need to share
I'll help you wipe the tears away
My shoulder will be there.

No questions have I,
Just arms to hold you near
If you should have a tale to tell
I'll gladly lend an ear.

So please try to smile
Our friendship will be true
Although your load seems heavy now
We'll share and you'll get through. 5/10/98

Those lonely days when I need a friend,
I sit and think of you.
You are the suns gentle rays
that always shine through on cloudy days.
You and I are close in heart,
Although soon we will be miles apart.
I'll think of you often, all through the day.
Needing to feel your sunshining rays.
The kind of friendship that we share,
are few and far between.
The wonderful things you do,
I can't express how much they mean.
And now with these thoughts in my mind,
I figured there'd never be a better time,
To tell you I'd stick with you till the end,
And also to tell you, I LOVE YOU FRIEND!!!!!!!

I have a little group of friends,
As dear as they can be.
I love them all, but sad to say,
Most I'll never get to see.

The only claim I have is that
When I feel sad, alone or blue,
I get on line,
Play wav's and chat.
And maybe find someone who feels it too.

They give love
And support,
Opinions and such,
Which I can take or ponder much,
But...sometimes I round a bend
And Lo!! I'll make a brand new friend.

Feel bad, or sad?
Just plain sick?
Got an attitude or habit
You want to kick?
"Its ok", your friends will say,
"We've all been there before,
A time or two, just like you".

We know the ups, the downs,
The highs, the lows,

The pain and strain,
Of getting through
The leave-takings without adieu.

We've seen it all, the been-theres done-thats,
We've worn all the different hats,
That makes us each uniquely "us",
And when we want to make a fuss,
We come online and find
The equalizers,
The friends, who become our sympathizers,
Who know,
And feel,
And wish,
And pray,
When you both know there is nothing more to say--
But an online friend