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Help!! I want to get married!!  A TRUE story you must read











A story to make us think... US in Attack in 911!! We won't forget!!
Boy and Girl Theory 有時候..
Should I tell you? What is love?
Happy Sweetest Day! Love Quiz
Time To Love Love is what makes life great
I Love You in 100 Languages MCMUG 的祝福


My Friend Hugs to your cyber friends
For My Special Friend To Someone Special
My Cyber Friend A Tribute to True Friends
Good Friends Friendship Week
A Different For My Friend Nice Sound For U
A Friend The Best Gift For My Friend
No Matter What .... A Star
Keeper of Friendship You are my friend forever!!
Look into your heart Big Hug
When will you online again? A friend is always special
朋友是..... 我們是朋友
給真正的朋友 Friends 友情篇
Best Wishes
Hello Kitty gives you a wish Make Your Wish Come True
Crystal Rose  
Instructions for Life What can money buy?
Don't give up!  
Funny Stuffs
晚晚玩ICQ的後果 Funny Story
Funny Site The Relationship between Computer and toilet !??
Promise you won't forget about me! Prefect Joke
A Sad day in SESAME STREE  
Love Your Children Which Dog who owner?
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