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The bells, the smiles, the cheers, the tears.

LOVE is in the air!

It was the greatest moment of your life.

Your life has changed forever!




Then for those lucky couples, something else came.....




A bundle of joy! (or bundles?)

A precious gift from the heavens!

It was well worth the pain and burden.



You spend hours watching it sleep.

The tiny fingers and toes.

Fascinating, innocent, sweet, cute, just simply adorable!

How could anyone resist the cuddly, innocent goo goo gaa gaa face?


How you wish it would remain like this forever.



But alas, time does pass, and your tiny one will grow.

A new side of life has started.


As work becomes more important, the child is left alone.

Sometimes, there are additions to the family.

Your first child may not receive as much attention as he or she does.

He or she no longer becomes the special one.

But just a burden.



Where has the cute face gone?

Where has tiny feet and hands gone?

Where was the innocence?


This card comes with a simple but not easy message....





Your children are your responsibility.

Spend TIME with our children.

Teach them the rights and wrongs of life.

Correct their paths.

GIve them a shoulder they can always cry on.

Teach them a life full of love, respect and friendship.



For brothers and sisters, love your siblings.

Don't bully or hurt their feelings.

Do not do on to others what you wouldn't like to be done on yourself.

But do not hesitate to correct what is wrong.



The hardest job in life is not to make money, but to grow seeds of love in everyone, especially your children.

We come into this world crying, with the people around you smiling.

We leave this world smiling, with the people around you crying.

Give your child a chance to smile!

Your love and care will never be forgotten.

Our children is our future.


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