Love Stories....
20/07/2000 Pier I can't say ...
19/07/2000 Catherine Love in the heart
10/07/2000 Jessica A boy with 184cm
08/07/2000 Melanie Love with god brother
05/07/2000 Freak How can I express my feeling to her?
05/07/2000 Alex Love stay in Sarawak
03/07/2000 Sharon Puppy love or real love ?
30/06/2000 Christy Loving in god-brother
28/06/2000 Hello Kitty Lie again and again
25/06/2000 Imagine Tan Did I do it wrong?
25/06/2000 sweet-star I'm stuck
12/06/2000 Neo Eye contact for one year
09/06/2000 Wing Thanks The Love Net Sites !
27/05/2000 Ealyena How to forget him?
25/05/2000 Marky Shy Boy
21/05/2000 Sunny@ Net SweetHeart
15/05/2000 Victor She hides away from me
27/04/2000 Luve Stubborn guy
25/04/2000 Cass I want to know her feels
21/04/2000 Gary Tan I was in love with a girl for 5 years!?
21/04/2000 Peter The feeling is mutual
20/04/2000 Gigi We haven't met for almost 3 months
16/04/2000 Joe Eye contact
14/04/2000 Amanda I think that because I said "No"
10/04/2000 Stawberry How do i know..if he's true?
06/04/2000 Tracey Should he be my best friend forever?
24/03/2000 Camie I hope u can give me some idea..
07/03/2000 Roxie Its not me!!
07/03/2000 Deidre Please tell me if it is wrong!
07/03/2000 Lurlene TWO GUYS!!
03/01/2000 Cassandra I don't know if he.............
26/12/1999 Emily My friend wants to take him away
09/11/1999 B.Y. How can I near to her?
05/11/1999 Bethany Love in far away
13/10/1999 May What can I do?
07/10/1999 Dosen Sue I don't know what can I do ....
06/10/1999 Maya Kurnia I want tell u about my boyfriend
06/10/1999 Victoria I love he ,but he don't know
27/09/1999 Danny Some love questions