Some love questions
27/09/1999 Danny
Dear May Yen, 

I am a boy in m'sia who now just fall down in love river with some girl. But, now I dunno how about she feeling with me? could u teach me? and her birthday wanna coming already, wat I can given to her.

thanks u..

Hi Danny,

It is nice to receive your email. Okay, I am glad to hear that you are falling in love. But, why don't tell her directly. Love is pure and great. No matter who she is, if you love her, she has her right to know. So, birthday is a good chance to show all your love to her.

Danny, I do not know what can you give to her as the birthday present actually. The present is not the important thing. The most important point is "YOU REALLY LOVE HER". So, try to write a letter to her. In the letter, tell her how, why and when you love her. 

May Yen

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