I want tell u about my boyfriend
06/10/1999 Maya Kurnia
Hi May Yen, 

I am i want to tell u about my boyfriend in Australian. I donno, he really really love me or not, I want he love me because I love him, I really love him. I donno, what I am doing about him.

Hi Maya,

It is nice to hear you actually. Maya, you know, love is interactive. That means love is something in two sides. If you really have tried your best to love him, I think that is enough. Please keep a cool head to face the "LOVE". I believe that the feeling is not good with the one-side love story. So, I think it is necessary for you to talk to him as soon as possible. Find out the problems between you and him. Finally, remember one thing: better communication means more romantic love story.

May Yen 


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