I don't know what can I do ....
07/10/1999 Dosen Sue
Hi May Yen, 

I'm 16 years old , he ask me to be his girlfriend but I don't know I want to accept him or not ....because my friends and me think he is unqualified to be my boyfriend , but I know he is really love me .... would I accept him ? Because I scared I will broke up with him when I meet a guy is better than him . I don't want to hurt him but I like him too ..... I very trouble now ...because my exam is coming soon ....do u think student is not suitable to dating ? Thanks .... Hope the world will be more beauty and the people will be mercy !

Hi Dosen,

I am glad to listen to you through the net. The problem you are facing is simple. Don't think too much please. At that time, you love him and he love you, right? So, I suggest that you should to accept him. Give him a chance to love you and give you a chance to be loved. 
You know, no one can predict the future including you and me. So, it is not good to worry about your coming love stories. Love comes in anytime, anywhere. Also, in my opinion, 16 is a suitable age to fall in love. But, you need to decide that you are now suitable to love and be loved or not, okay?

YES, I do hope the world will be more beauty and the people will be mercy !

May Yen 


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