Love in far away
05/11/1999 Bethany
Dear May Yen, 

This question has always been bothering me. I met a boy from icq and I enjoy talking to him. Once I am talking to him, I couldn't stop. I think he enjoys talking to me too (b/c he said so and that I am an interesting person) (but not 100% sure if it was flattery). I think I like him in some sense more than just a friend, but in the sense of "love". I think about him all the time. But the fact that I am in US and he's in Europe and also I don't know how he feels about me (if just a friend or stranger). More important, many people told me relationship over the web 99% would not work out. So should I tell him my feeling toward him, but if I do, will I scare him and terminate the friendship? and also how can I find out how he feels about me? and lastly, how can I tell him my feeling if I tell him? 

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.
God bless you. 

Hello Bethany,

Thank you for your mail. You are now facing a cyber love in the net. The cyber love stories are very common in the net. Meeting each other in ICQ and then falling in love is also popular. But, you know, Bethany, it is real but virtual thing. That mean: although the boy is really exist in the world, but it is virtual and not realistic. You two live in different countries with different culture. How come you think it is possible to love? In the past, many cyber love stories come to the end when they really met each other in the real life. Why do not just enjoy the virtual relationship forever? And put the good memory and perfect him in your mind? 
Bethany, your story happened in two of my friends before. They really met their perfect boys. But, finally.... END. I do not want you to lose a good net-pal like him. He is good, but keep a cool head to think "it is virtual only". So, please go on to share your life with him in the coming days.

Certainly, in the FUTURE, if you could travel to Europe, you may try to meet him. You may the 1% to make the cyber love comes true.

Enjoy your virtual cyber life.

May Yen 


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