How can I near to her?
09/11/1999 B.Y.
Dear May Yen, 

I am nineteen year old, I older then her 3 years and half. Do we possible together?
I love her, but all of her friends don't really like me. And I have no change to near her,
I know that she is very nice. My friend said her mother didn't like her has a boyfriend.
So do I begin to chase her, or Still don't' let her know I love her, cause I don't want to make her mad on me.

Hi, B.Y.,

Thank you for your email. After reading your letter, I found that the problem is you, not her. Firstly, age is a problem to love and be beloved. So, you do not need to care about this minor problem. Also, as you mentioned in your email, her friend do not like you, right? Did you try to find out the reason(s)? It is about your personality, attitude or other matters? Please come to find it out as soon as possible. If not, she will not love you as her friends may make a big barrier between you and her. Okay, if you want to near to her, just phone her and tell her that you want to talk to her.

Moreover, if you really love her, you should tell her. It is because she has the right to know someone is loving her. She may not love you, but, at least you get the answer from her. If you think again and again, her answer would not have any difference. Don't scare. Love is not an evil thing.

Nice day. 

May Yen


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