My friend wants to take him away
26/12/1999 Emily
Dear May Yen, 

I like this guy one yr older than me. but my friend likes him too after knowing I like him. she gets on my nerves. I dunno even y she likes him after knowing I like him. I don't even know if I should still be her friend cause me and my best friend in the class hate her but my good friend sorta likes her. so she keeps on sticking with us. if I don't talk to her and ignore her. I still can't help her liking him. and I don't know if he likes me. But she keeps on following us. My friend told me something that happened on Friday after I left to holiday {missed a day of school} about the girl and it mad me very mad. I wanted to kill her, but I can't cause she doesn't know that I know she likes him.

I dunno what to do??


Sorry to reply your letter late. After reading your letter, I think that your question should be separated into two parts. 
First, you and the boy. Second, you and the girlfriend.

In the first part, are you sure that you really love the boy? If your answer is "YES", tell him the answer.

In the second part, you should also tell your girlfriend about what you think and feel. If you don't tell her, she will do the similar things in the coming days. So, you will be hurt again and again. When do you want to stop these? The best solution for your problem is: talk to her directly!! I believe it is good for you and her.

Okay, Emily, try your best to solve this problem.

May Yen


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