07/03/2000 Lurlene
Dear May Yen, 

I think I am in love with two guys? Is that possible? I'm 16 yrs old and I had the same boyfriend now for 4 years(4 long years!) Even though I love him there is this other guy I really like too and I am finding myself more and more attracted two him lately. This other guy called my best friend and let her know how he felt-he likes me. Should I go for it and leave my boyfriend. I really love my boyfriend but I want freedom for a change>>maybe....


Hi, Lurlene 

I am glad to answer your question. Lurlene, I do not think that it is not impossible to love 2 boys at the same time. If they are in danger, who you will concern the most? Answer this question for yourself. Then, you may know who you really love. 
Also, change may be good or bad. But, pleased be reminded that you should have accept all the coming results! No matter you go along with your boyfriend or choose the new guy to be your lover, this is your choice. Well, I hope you can get the one you really love anyway.

May Yen 


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