Please tell me if it is wrong!
07/03/2000 Deidre
Dear May Yen, 

Please tell me if this is wrong!! I'm finally seeing the perfect guy and everyone says that it won't last because its not me and I don't want a steady relationship and i am going on a trip tomorrow with some friends for a week and I am afraid that I will do something i will regret like go out with someone else. I don't want to hurt this guy because he is the best! and I'm thinking of not going on the trip. Should I? I really like him and I am sick of everyone deciding who I am. Another thing- one of my friends just told me that she likes him!! I don't want to give him up-especially since that girl has another boyfriend. Should I tell him how I feel about all of this-the trip and everything-I will miss him very much and we are both kinda shy around each other. I want to tell him how I feel. I think I could really be falling for him.

Hi, Deidre

You should go to the trip and tell him. If you don't do that, you do not love him. Don't scare to love, okay? 

May Yen


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