Its not me!!
07/03/2000 Roxie
Dear May Yen, 

At the beginning of the year I was going out with this bloke. We broke up becoz of a misunderstanding which we later sorted out. I am deeply in love with him, even though he is now with someone else.

The problem is.. does he still like me?& am I likely to get back with him? He gets v.jealous when I'm with any other blokes and the other day when he was drunk he took me aside and said " U don't want to be with me anymore do U.. So as I'm drunk I want to tell you that I think you are VERY good looking have a great personality and can do so much more for yourself" (ie- better than the bloke I was seeing at the time) 

He also told me how he'd told his girlf that he is only with her to be with someone rather than coz he fancies her!?! But they are still together! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? I'm trying to be a good friend and just sit back and let him be with his girlf and help him with problems, but it's so hard as I love him.

Hi, Roxie

This guy is not a good guy. Forget him please. Roxie, if he really love you, why do he go to find another girlfriend? Because he is not sure that he loved you or not. But, when he was saw you to go along with some boys, he cannot accept this situation. So, he said that to you. 
Roxie, if you really truth him, just tell him that you are still loving him. JUST do something that you like. No model answer for any love story.

May Yen


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