I hope u can give me some idea..
24/03/2000 Camie
Dear May Yen, 

I knew this guy almost a year. I love him so much. He also say he love me. But the problem is, he say love me and he did not take any action to show his love. He always say I love u, I miss u so much in the message he send for me. 

But he also could disappear for 2 to 3 month without calling me up and he stay far away from me, can be say we are in different state but in same country. I also have a lot of admire around me now. They do a lot of thing to make me happy.

But I did not have that kind of feel with them. I just love the guy which I mention to u just now. What can I do now? I really love him a lot, if can, I wish to live with him together.

I'm also scare he just playing me. Should I go to ask him to give me a good reason and ask him whether he really love me or not. Pls help me. give me some idea. I really love him.

Dear Camie,

Are you sure that you love him so much? I ask you this question as I do not think he are now loving. You know, for some guys, "I love you" "I miss you so much" comes from their mouth easily. He might not care what he said to you. Please think that: if he love him, why did he call you once within this few months? Camie, I know that you want to know his feeling about you. So, make a phone call to him NOW. Don't waste any time, get the answer from him is the best solution for you. 

May Yen


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