Should he be my bestfriend forever?
06/04/2000 Tracey
Dear May Yen,

I am Tracey. I loved a guy since the early days I met him. He is such a quiet and indifferent person , as everybody says, but when you learn more inside him, he is a sweet and lovely guy who care about his friends a lot. I acted from the early years as he is my best friend for me and try to be one for him because I don't think that I have a chance to be with him since I will be going abroad to study in a couple years. Besides, he doesn't seem to like a girl who is more wealthy than him, as I can say. Now he seems like caring me a lot, but for a best friend. We talk through the phone almost every night, talk about everything, including a girl he is aftering who is also my friend. 

I began to kill my feelings towards him, but I just couldn't.

What should I do?

Dear Tracey,

If you just wanna keep a friend relationship with this guy, you do not need to do anything in the coming days. But, in your email, I feel that you are now falling in love with him, right? Don't lie yourself ! You concern what he like, you care what we do, so you love him. Then, you can choose to tell him or keep the relationship forever. 

However, it is better to tell him what you feel. I think he like you too. If he doesn't has girlfriend, you will be the one. Although you may go to study abroad, it is also not a bad choice to make a happy love story in your memory forever.

Be honest to yourself.

May Yen


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