How do i know..if he's true?
11/04/2000 Stawberry
Dear May Yen,

Hi, I am in love with a guy, and I am so sure that he love me too. He did told me that he love me but after sometimes he react like he forgot what he said about it. When we talk on the phone, he always ensure me that he don't have any girlfriend and so true to me. He treat me really nice. I heard one of my friend said that he don't want to start a relationship with me is because he cannot face the fact that I am clever than him. 

What should I do while he also knows that I love him a lot.

Dear Stawberry,

Thank you for your email. I think that the guy does not love you 100%. Well, how come the guy could forget your love. It is not reasonable and not responsible. Also, he is also not a good guy for you to love. If he is loving you, what doesn't he wanna start the relationship? He is so strange! Meanwhile, I do not think: you are clever than him is a good reason for not dating with you.

Stawberry, I know you are now confusing as you think he is still loving you, right? Anyway, talk to him face to face once. Love can makes people happy, love also can makes people crazy. It is according to your choice.

May Yen


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