The feeling is mutual
20/04/2000 Gigi
Dear May Yen,

Glad to meet you on net, & I want to ask you questions, could you help?? thanks a lot..

Some days past, I went camping, after that and some days later, my friends came to me and said that a boy loves me. They said that he always found chances to talk to me. however, I hardly find that he is loving me. But, when I recalled our past times, it seems to be, I'm not sure.

Indeed, he has never said that he loves me. But all people around me said that to me. That troubled me & I don't know if I love him or not. Moreover, we haven't met for almost 3 months. I don't think he would still love me. the thing is I can hardly face the rumors. what can I do?? Thx for your help...

Dear Gigi,

Nice to meet you in the virtual net. And thank you for you email.

Gigi, please don't imagine too much about him! Yes, I think he do not love you actually. Just forget the camping. And forget the boy. You can find another good boy soon.

You know, communication is a very important in love life. So, you both did not have any. It is only a virtual love.

Good Luck :)

May Yen


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