I want to know her feels..........
25/04/2000 Cass
Dear May Yen,

I had loved someone (called A) for 3 months ,I knew she was loved another people so I felt sad. I wanted to give up. Then my best friend felt me was so down and she went to tell "A" that I loved her. After she knew. Suddenly me and "A" became a best friend .(I was very happy )

Then after a few days, I felt she was still loved her ex-boyfriend ,I wanted to give up ,because I thought she won't love me. Now our friendship is decreasing >>>friend>>>best friend>>>friend>>>no chat.............

Hi Cass,

Forget this girl. She does not love you. She just think that you are one of her choices.

Sometimes, we like to love someone who is not possible to be our lover. But, this is meaningless! I know it is difficult to forget. Cass, try first.

May Yen


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