How to forget him?
27/04/2000 Ealyena
Dear May Yen,

Please help me as fast as you could. I'm so so so sad and so lost. Well, I know this guy last year by ICQ. He's actually a senior of mine. We often met each other  at school. And after that , he often told me about how much he like me...or love me...or ...... though that's not in real (but in ICQ). I never trust about what he've said cous I know there's already a she in his heart.

Later on, I've started to believe him. And after that he told me that's all just a joke and the 1 he really like is that "she". And now, I'm really really lost. I should have knew it but why am I still dropping into it?

I can't seem to get him out my mind. I know this is not only a crush. Please tell me what can I do to forget him. Please....let me know....I just feel I wanna die living a life like this...


He is a bad guy. Love is not a joke. Love comes from the deep heart ... comes from the real feeling. So, don't think this guy again.

However, Ealyena, take care next time as the kind of guy is so common in the world :)

May Yen


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