Thanks The Love Net Sites !   \^_^/
09/06/2000 Wing
Dear May Yen,

Thanks much for these years, I've meet a girl for 3 years online (ICQ) but I cant meet her because of her job time, I always use this Love site (URL) to send her gifts and messages, 2 months ago, she changes her job and I meet her successfully, today. she's being my girl friend and we enjoy the happy moments we are together. Once again. Thank you all Love sites and the wonderful love poems writer !!!


Thank you for your email. I am so glad to hear that you really meet this girl in the real life. Actually, Net Love Centre is only a tool for you to use. You two become couple as you love each other.

Enjoy your time. Remember to tell me if you two are going to get married :)

May Yen


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