I'm stuck
25/06/2000 sweet-star
Dear May Yen,

I'm so stuck! I broke up with my ex 3 months ago and thought that i could forget about him but then I still couldn't forget about him!

He's dating another girl straight after our breakup and I miss him heaps n really truly love him but not sure if I should tell him! 

There's this other guy who admitted his feelings to me but then I don't' know what to do because I don't see anything more than friendship. How should I tell that poor guy without hurting him?

Hi, sweet-star,

There are two questions in your mail. First of all, I think you should not think this guy again. Why he dated with a girl straight after you just breakup? This is simple because he do not love you now. So, No need to think this guy again, okay? Let begone be begoned!

Well, another guy admitted his feelings to you.... so, do you love him? If not, tell him directly so that he really know your mind clearly. Hurt him early is much better than hurt him later.

May Yen


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