Lie again and again
28/06/2000 Hello Kitty
Dear May Yen,

Hello, nice to meet you. Actually to day I write this messages is I want to ask you some question and hope you will reply to me quickly.
Here, I got some question to ask you:

(1) Why my boyfriend always like to lie me and if I realized he lie me and I ask him the truth he will always said oh.... ya.... just now I said wrongly.... and so on???

(2) He always tell me that he love me but is it really?

(3) Why he always want to lie me?

(4) He said men always don't like to talk about their ex-love, is it really?

(5) Why every time when I realized he lie me I will feel very sad?

Hi, Hello Kitty

(1) There are so many reasons that a person lies. But you know, trust is the basic element in every love story. If you want to know the reason, you should ask him directly.

(2) It may not be truth as he like to lie you.

(3) He want to hide some real stories from you.

(4) yes, I think it is right. Many guys do not like to talk their ex-love. Each love story should be separated.

(5) You feel sad as you love him. So, you do not want him to lie you.

Hello Kitty, actually, I do not like people to lie me. And certainly, I think it is not acceptable if my boyfriend lies me again and again. In his mind, he may think you are stupid and should believe his lie. Anyway, if you still love him, talk to him about what you feel.

May Yen


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