Loving in god-brother
30/06/2000 Christy
Dear May Yen,

He was my god-brother, but then I don't know when I started to like him. As time went by, I realized that I cant control my feeling for him anymore. So when every time I saw him with another girl, I was so sad, but then I cant do anything about it, cause I know that I don't have a right to do anything. I think he know that I like him, but he seem like had nothing happens, still keep on flirting.

As first we have a lot of topic to talked about, but now when we facing each other, we don't even have anything to talk about, I have a feeling that we getting far and far away from each other. I really don't know wat to do now, I'm so tired it. Can you give me some advices, plz. Thank you!

Hi, Christy,

Thank you for your email. I know what you feel now as one of my friends also faced the same problem before. But, she controlled her love and tried to get the love feeling to concern. It was so difficult and she felt uncomfortable to see her god-brother to date with another girls. Now, she can make a good relationship with her god-brother.

Christy, why did you choose him to be your god-brother? You know, god-brother should be a relationship between brother and sister. Anyway, if you really know that your feeling comes from love, not concern, you may talk to him. This is the best solution at that moment. BUT, please do not expect to get any result first.

Christy, if you want to keep the previous with him forever, just talk to him and yourself: you are my god-brother FOREVER. It is not a easy decision, but, you should make it as soon as possible.

Nice day :) 

May Yen


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