Puppy love or real love ?
02/07/2000 - 03/07/2000 Sharon
Dear May Yen,

there's this guy I met while I was looking for pen pals in a pen pal ad. After a few months, I figured there was something fishy about him coz its like he always wanted to know who are the guys I have a crush on.

I asked him why does he always wanna know....so he said that he has a crush on me. we haven't met or talked on the phone yet, but I've sorts seen his picture. I also realized that I actually liked him. But I'm not really sure if he really means that he said he likes me, after all, he didnt even bother to say like he likes me or whatever now. what do u think I should do ? Forget about it or just go on like this ?


Actually, I do not think you love him. But, I can sure that you like him at that moment. You know, many people cannot keep the relationship after meeting their net friends. It is not only the problem of their outlook, but also their characters.

Sharon, we often make a prefect image for a net friend. But, it is not realistic. You do not need to forget him at that time because you two cannot do nothing in the net. If you really want to make a further relationship with him. I suggest that you should get his picture first. Then, you may go to consider your next step with this boy.

Okay, Sharon, cyber love is really possible in the world and there are numerous successful stories. But, it is so difficult to say that your story can have a result or not. You can also make your net love story.

Good luck.

May Yen

Dear May Yen,

Thank you for your email. It was quite helpful. I just wanted to recall about yesterday's matter. Remember the guy I told u that I think he likes me ? He kinda made the decision for the both of us which is go on with our studies first.

After all, both of us would be having a major exams this year. I don't actually commented about anything about it even though I feel like declining it. He wants to wait until I'm old enough only he will meet me out and start dating me n stuff like that. Its just that I don't feel like it is a right thing to do as I will definitely be going to a new school next year and I bet that I would sure have a crush on someone else and I don't wanna hurt his feelings.

Just that he doesn't seem to understand what I'm talking about it. But its like, I think there's something wrong with me as I feel like dating someone this year even though I might be having a major exam. I just don't know which to choose from.

Hi, Sharon,

Nice to hear from you again. Sharon, I suggest that you should go to study your coming examination first. And it is really important for your life. Academic result will affect your future directly.

You know, sometimes, love feeling comes easy and go easy. I told you to keep the current relationship with him in the previous email. Just do it! He may not understand what are you doing now. But, don't worry, he will know soon. Sharon, if you think you are not mature to date and fall in love, concentrate to your study and think more about your future and your dream. Also, you can join more extra-curriculum activates with friends.

Nice day

May Yen


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