Love stay in Sarawak
05/07//2000 Alex
Dear May Yen,

I'm first time at here and I'm introduce by my friend. I had some problem to ask but my English is poor maybe u will be confusing in my broken English . Could we start right now ?

I'm leave in penang but whom my love is stay in Huching, Sarawak. I know my way is too far from her place and I also know that is a impossible love but finally I'm fall down this love. So do u think that can happen possible ? what I try to get from you idea is opinion u give ,thank you a lot . Wish u happy forever .


It is so far away. You story is a typical net love story. I can tell you net love is possible. But, everyone makes different stories. Certainly, at that moment, I do not have any idea about your result from your little email.

Alex, Cyber love is really romantic. If you want to find her and love with her in the way, just go to. But, please do not just concentrate in this thing. You still have you study or job. I suggest that you may go to find her when you have a vocation. At that time, you may try to know her more first before you date with her.

Good day.

May Yen


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