How can I express my feeling to her?
05/07//2000 Freak
May Yen,

Hi! This is my 1st time to write a mail for some love question. I'm18. I broke up with my ex 1 half years. In this 1 half years, we just communicate in ICQ. But I just can't forget her for total 1 half year!

Recently we just meet for some reason (just for few minutes only). In the meeting we just say few words. We are too shy to talk to each other (actually is me). But I love her VERY MUCH!!!
Sometimes, I even regret why I can't say out my feeling again!!! Her birthday is coming soon, is this the right chance to express my feeling? I scare after she knows the truth she will start avoid me.

plz tell me what should I do? Your help is very meaningful to me.

Thank you


I know what your feeling. Birthday is really a good chance to express what you feel to her. But, if you really love her, the time is not the major problem and point to say "I still love you". Freak, The best way to express your love to her is: Tell her directly! If she still love you, she will accept you again. If not, just forget it and find another girl who love you.

Don't scare. Shy makes story becomes more complex. Okay, give her a phone call nowand ask her to go out today.

Good day.

May Yen


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