Love with god brother
08/07//2000 Melanie
May Yen,

That day was a birthday party at my friends house. There's lots' of people that I know..........

And my god brother is there as well. He never talk to me nicely before but that night was totally different. I was sitting at a sofa alone and he came to me and he sat beside me. He talked so much that I couldn't remember what he said. (he's a little drunk) I had a crush on him since last year and because that I dun wanna ruin our friendship, I didn't tell anyone.

And now, he knows that I like him and he's avoiding me. I just dun wan this to happen. I mean he's a great brother... but now he doesn't talk to me at all.... what am I supposed to do? Please help!

Thank you


Thank you for your email. One point you should make a decision first before we go on to talk: What relationship do you want to keep in the coming days with your god brother?

If you want him to be your lover, just say " I love you". Certainly, if you like him to be your god brother just like before, you should tell him and yourself "You are always my great brother". You cannot mix with this two relationship as they are totally different.

He is avoiding you. I think that he wants to be your god-brother rather than your lover. I believe that you can find a chance to talk to him directly and find out what he think about you in his mind.

May Yen


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