A boy with 184cm
10/07//2000 Jessica
May Yen,

I have love problem now. I have a faithful net's friend. We already chat for many times and we email to each other.

He say that he do not care of my outlook. How do I now if he is serious to me? I think we are not perfect match because he is very tall about 184 tall and yet I'm so short about 156 tall only. We have not meet yet or phone to each other. I'm very afraid that after I met him, he will left me. Just because I'm not beautiful. I love him very much. If I go out with him, I'm only like her small sister.

I don't dare to give my telephone number to him. I understand my situation. Now I'm only a student. My mum won't allow me to fell in love with a guy. Are Pisces and Cancer a perfect match? What am I going to do?

Hi, Jessica

Pisces and Cancer can be a prefect match, but it also cannot be. It depends on how they treat each others. Jessica, tall and outlook is not the major problem to love. So, you do not need to think too much about this point. If you care about these things, just forget him.

But, if you want to know your outlook before go to the next stage, you may send him your picture. You can then find what does he think about. Your know, simple text in the net is difficult to know one deeply. So, you may try to talk to him in phone if you really like him.

Love should be two ways. You love him is not equal to he loves you at the same time. Don't expect anything at that moment. I believe that you two's relationship is just in the basic step. 

May Yen


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