Love in the heart
19/07/2000 Catherine
May Yen,

I am a girl who had a crush on a boy. I do really like him. He sit beside me in class. Sometimes, we have eye contact and sometime we talk and I could hear my heart thumping.......

Sometimes, I want to tell him that I like him, but I don't have the courage to say it. I really want to know if he like me or not, sometime I could feel that he like me...but I really don't know how he feel......

My friends say that he like me but I really don't know. What should I do??? 

Hi, Catherine,

If you not sure that the boy love you or not, just ask him: "Do you love me?" I think love is not an evil thing that need you to hide yourself in the dark. You know, most of the time, you can get the answer easily if you really wanna know.

May Yen


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