Hey! Thanks for coming to my web page. This page was created in hopes that I could get married to the woman I love. When my girlfriend and I were talking about the internet and web pages in just a normal conversation, I said that it was possible for millions of people to visit one page on the web. My girlfriend didn't think it could happen. We made a bet about it, and I said that if I won she would have to marry me. This was intended to be a joke, but she actually agreed to this bet!! She will really marry me when this page reach TEN MILLION HITS.

I'm sure you think it sounds stupid to get married off of a bet like this, but it actually happened and we really do love each other. This is a TRUE STORY!!! Please help me get married to the woman I love by forwarding this page either by MSN / Facebook / e-mail. Although I know that I may need to wait a long long time, I do not care how much time I should wait, I  love her forever. If you've ever been in love, then you know how I feel and may understand why I've made this page. Please forward the page to as many people as you can and may you too find love as I have!

Please don't just reload this page over and over. I can't lie to her!!

Almost there!!! I'm hoping to make wedding plans soon! please help me get the last 1,000,000 hits!!

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Since February 10, 2009

I appreciate that you could help me! Here is a small gift, crystal rose , for you. I hope you like it.

Special thank to my good friend, May Yen,  for hosting this page.