missu01.gif (4753 bytes)

Let's see now....


Now where should I begin???










missu02.gif (7496 bytes)

Dear Friend,

no no no wait - scratch that....

Dear "TREASURED" Friend,

(ok now, that's better!!!)










missu03.gif (4436 bytes)

Your (((HUGS))) give

me strength....










missu04.gif (6456 bytes)

Your *LOL*'s

cheer me up....










missu05.gif (5325 bytes)

Your : ) 's

give me warmth....









missu06.gif (4421 bytes)

And I sUuuuUre wish

you were here!!!









missu07.gif (4364 bytes)

What can I say,
I miss you when you're not









missu08.gif (4529 bytes)

I can't wait
to hear from YOU