Should I Tell You

Like a summer's ray
           on a winter's day
Your smile took the pain away
Right then and there I knew
           before all is lost
I had to be with you 
           no matter what the cost
I told my "friend" about you 
           and asked him what he thought 
The next thing I knew... 
Several months have passed
           I still think of that day 
Why didn't I do anything 
           before he took you away 
Now as I look into your eyes I see 
           Images of you and me 
Oh why won't it stop 
           why won't it leave me be 
Is it because its impossible 
           for you to be with me? 
As we walked alone that night 
           before I left 
I wanted so much to tell you 
           to say to you exactly how I felt 
But I just can't 
           for fear of losing you 
Why is it so hard to tell you?? 
           I've been wondering all this time 
As summer turns to fall 
           Should I ever tell you at all?
Author: L.D.A.