To my dearest friends:

My name is Allen. Today is a sad day in my life. Some of you may know  me personally and some only on AOL and some may have never even spoken  to me.

What only some of you may know is that I had a girlfriend that was killed.

I am sending this out to tell you all a simple and true message. I never was big on girls, being a simple country boy from Tennessee.  I never thought I stood a chance with a nice girl like all guys dream about.

I dated girls here and there but nothing major. Then my senior year of highschool, I saw her. Her name was Alena Mazzoni.  She was a model and to beat it all she was Italian. The first day she was there she walked up and looked at me in lunch and said, "Excuse me Mr Allen, could I sit with the senior class president?"

I looked at her and said, "Well that's me, sit if you would like."

From that day on we were never apart. I was one of the popular people but
not one of the sports jocks and I still don't know why. I was studying to be a photographer when she took me on a model shoot with her and a runway show.

I was just amazed at her. We had then decided I would be her photographer. She even got me into modeling. We were together about everyday then on  May 8, 1999 it happened.  She called and woke me up at 6 am like she always did and said I'll see you at school. I had known her for only 4 months. I got to school and she never showed up.

At 10 am as I was walking to the office to call her, the principal came over the inter-com and gave this heart-breaking message.

"Students and Faculty: It is my sad duty to tell you that Alena Mazzoni was killed in a head on collision this morning on the way to school."

I dropped to my knees there in the hall and cried. I left school. I came home and only to find my mom and dad waiting on me. My mom was crying because she knew how I felt for her. I found out that my dad saw the whole accident and was the first on the scene. A girl crossed 3 lanes of traffic and hit Alena head on.

Alena's  Geo Tracker rolled over down an enbankment and rested on it's tires again. My dad found her with the engine in her lap. She was flown to the University of Tennessee hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The other girl that hit her was stoned and drunk. I felt it was my fault because I talked her into staying at G-P highschool in Gatlinburg.  She lived in Sevierville next to the Sevier Co high and she wanted to move back. I begged for her to stay. If I didn't, she would still be here today.

So what's the message behind this you ask? I never told Alena I loved her nor did she me. We were so happy it was like we already knew. When I went to the funeral home her mom met me at the door and asked if I would be a paul bearer for her and if I would sing Amazing Grace for her. I said I would. The funeral home was closing the doors and her mom said she had to go but handed me a piece of paper that had a spot of blood on it. Everyone left but since I knew the funeral director I asked if I could stay.   The note her mom handed me said this:

My dearest Allen! I am just sitting here in my room thinking of you and I wanted to write. You have no idea how happy I am with you. We have been together
for 4 months now and I couldn't dream being with anyone else. There is something I want to tell you I think it is time for me to say:

Allen, I love you!

Well I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Love Forever,

She wrote the note the night before she died. We never had told each other we love the other. I cried so hard. I put the note next to her and the only picture of the both of us together in there and a white rose.

I sang at her funeral the next day and I helped carry her to her final resting place in Pigeon Forge, TN I thought my life ended at that moment when they lowered her down. Today is her 20th Birthday!

Still to this day I think of her and I never wanted to talk about it. It feels better now that I got it out.


If it is a guy or girl you love, tell them. Tomorrow may be WAY too late.

I must move on now with my life but I will always remember the times we shared. When I wake up in the morning and walk outside:

She smiles at me.  I just know it. She would want me to go on.

If you've ever been in love, then you know how I feel. Please forward this to ALL your friends by MSN or email or facebook. I appreciate that you could help me share this simple and true message with everyone. This is the last thing that I can do for my forever Alena.......


by email. 

A Song For My Alena .... From Allen

Thank you for my good friend, May Yen, to host and design this page in the net.